1/100 Akatsuki part 6

So as my initial experiment with adding the thinned Tamiya clear red to indented details on the gold armour pieces worked, I continued to select pieces on all the runners for similar treatment.SAM_9925And with the clear red dry, assembly is reasonably quick, but it does take a bit longer, and a very sharp scalpel to easily remove the under-gated nubs. I hand-painted the eyes with Tamiya sky blue, and lined them with the Rapidograph.SAM_9926I’m really liking how the small red details add to the armour pieces, and the semi-metallic painted grey pieces are also integrating well.SAM_9927 Most of the gold pieces have suitable details for enhancement, although I think some like these grilles will benefit from so black lining too with the Rapidgraph once the clear red is thoroughly dry. For any over-paint on the clear red, I carefully wet a Q-tip with Tamiya thinner and gently rubbed until the red was gone. I think rubbing too much will remove some of the gold, so you must be very careful.SAM_9928I thought the red infill on the shield parts looked fantastic. I think this will really help the finished model stand out!SAM_9930 Assembling the centre skirt section, I noticed some of the gold pieces were not chromed on both sides.SAM_9931 A quick visit to the paint booth and some Alclad pale gold solves that!SAM_9932But I’ll have to visit the airbrush again to go over the nub marks.

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