1/100 Kastrysha part 2

The boxes all the parts come in make a good place to store the parts after painting, but before assembly. The binders have had the full treatment now – primer, pre-shading, painting, Future Finish, oil paint panel lines and dry brushing with Tamiya Weathering Master set.SAM_0190 SAM_0192Here’s a closer shot showing how the top section of the binder fits on and all the lovely panel line detail that adds so much to the look of this kit. SAM_0193 The are parts of the body section. You can see some of the small meta details that come with the kit, the small metal rods and the “bolts”. These details really add to the appearance of the kit. I’m just using a small dab of thick poly cement to hold them in place, with a good coat of Future Finish over the top.SAM_0194 I had to take off some of the chest section while putting these pieces back on. Again you get a good look at the metal detail pieces.SAM_0195 Arm assembly is progressing well. I really like how the paint job is going and how well the oil paint panel lines look.SAM_0196 And of course, yet more metal details!SAM_0197I thought I’d better tests out the electronics for the lighting system. Constructing the head LED was rather tricky as it’s such a tight fit. The plastic is chromed and that obviously adds to the wall thickness, so what would have been a nice tight fit is no-go until you scrape some of the chrome off. Of course, those bits are “inside” and won’t be seen. The eye LED is a nice shade of purple. The electrical connection method is with a small pin connector, like what you’d get on the end of a wall-wart power adapter of old (before everything went USB). Funny thing is the rechargeable battery for the main LEDs has a USB cable! I added in the LEDs for the next section to be built and they worked too. This kit has a lot of LEDs!SAM_0198 Here’s more details on the arms, with one set of the metal power cables in place. They’re tricky, but not horrendous. I spread some polystyrene cement along the main wire (which I presume is just solder) and that nicely holds the cylindrical metal sections in place without them falling off while you manipulate the whole thing into place.SAM_0199Here’s a quick shot of the oil paint wash set up. I have some mineral spirits in the middle, with my black and viridian green oil paints squeezed onto the top section of the egg tray. I just bring down enough to make what I need, add some mineral spirits from the middle to get to a nice watery (bit not too thin) consistency.

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