1/100 Kastrysha part 5

Detail work on the binders progresses well. I must admit I do enjoy the painting of the small detail sections, even if, as you can see below, they do get covered up!SAM_0253The details, as per usual, were done with Tamiya clear red, orange, yellow and blue.  One the sides of the large grey sections where some of the metal stickers go there’s an indented area that looks like it should have a sticker, but doesn’t – so I painted it with the Tamiya clear green.SAM_0254And these pieces go on the backs of the parts above, and although there’s no guide for colour on them, I thought Tamiya clear red would work well. SAM_0255The inside of the small section of the binders has a couple of large pieces, and three smaller ones. The quality of the moulding  of the smaller pieces was not great, but I suppose they work well enough in context.SAM_0257The funnels got the full-on candy treatment, so Alclad gloss black primer, Alclad chrome, then Tamiya clear green on top. They look good enough to eat!SAM_0258These sections are nearly finished, with just one more small metal detail part to add. SAM_0259These are the skirt sections from the rear. I do like this excessive detail that you’ll never see on the completed kit because it’s hidden. Of course, you know its there… SAM_0260Now this is where things start to get tricky again. The instructions do not tell you that the waist section of the skeleton frame needs two parts replaced – one front and one rear – to hang the front and rear armour off. Great inner detail on the inner part of the front armour though!SAM_0261One of the nicest things so far on the kit is how you can turn the legs inside-out and thus get good access to the hip area for work. Surprisingly, the wiring of the LEDs here went well with no breakages, although it was a touch fiddly to put together. I did resort to cutting away of one of the pins to get more room to route the wires because that wire had an in-line resistor making it too large to fit. SAM_0262 By now I’m getting the hang of the power pipes.SAM_0264 At this point I’ve not yet realized I need to do a part replacement on the rear of the hip to attach the parts that hold the rear skirt section. I have to undo a bit of work and carefully replace it. Ouch.SAM_0265 This is not actually put together properly, but still looks great for a picture.SAM_0266Again, still missing the rear replacement piece, but you can see how it’s all coming together. SAM_0267Replacement piece in, the rear wire guide snaps into place. SAM_0269 And with some jiggling the rest of the armour of the skirt section fits, and the mech lights up!SAM_0270 Rear lights too, and the leg lights are still functioning.SAM_0275 This is a great looking mech even without the binders, and all the superb detailing really helps.SAM_0277 SAM_0278

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  1. Thanks John! I really enjoy the detail painting, and there’s certainly enough of that in this kit. It’s just a pity there’s some serious areas of pain with its assembly and instructions.

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