1/100 Kastrysha part 6

Now that practically all the sub-assemblies for the binders are done, it’s time to start putting things together.SAM_0280Getting the insides of the binders in place, while maintaining electrical continuity was tricky, but by now I didn’t expect it to be simple! The chromed piece that the connector went through had to be flush mounted, so I shaved its pins to enable it to fit better. I also only partially inserted the connector into the green binder section, thus allowing the pin of the arm where the electrics run to engage with it as it all was pushed into place.SAM_0281 SAM_0282 Here’s the binders mostly done.SAM_0283 SAM_0284 SAM_0285 SAM_0286 SAM_0287 SAM_0288 I started with the water slides. They went on reasonably well.SAM_0289 This one is fresh, so there’s some small imperfections that will dry out. I was surprised how good the water slides were to go on.SAM_0290 I had to glue the funnels in place or they’d fall off at the slightest touch.SAM_0291 SAM_0292 The water slides are packed very tightly on the sheet, so I did these ones for the body at the same time as the large binder ones they’re next to.SAM_0293 SAM_0294 Finally I was able to get it all together and wow – the LEDs actually work. One binder is a touch fiddly with its connection to the shoulders. I’ll sort that out when I get everything complete.SAM_0295 SAM_0296 SAM_0297 SAM_0298And I thought it good to attach the stand mount as the mech is a tad un-stable with the binders in place.

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