1/100 MG Sazabi ver Ka part 5

Although you saw the complete frame in my previous post on Sazabi, my other camera had some work in progress shots of the shoulder section here.DSC03296-2I’d decided that not just the thrusters would be metallic, but the sections that held the thrusters would be done in the polished brass too. DSC03297 Even the small hinge that links these folding sections of the backpack was done with the polished brass. DSC03298 DSC03299 These are great looking pieces and its so nice that they’re well detailed on the inside.DSC03300 DSC03301 Here’s some parts of the backpack.DSC03302 The copper works great on the insides of the thrusters.DSC03303 DSC03304 And here’s the fuel tanks. I added some copper bands to them to break up their imposing size a bit and add some detail.DSC03305 DSC03306 I always have bother with water-slides that go all around a cylinder. These were tricky and time consuming to get right.DSC03307 Here’s my first look at how the colour scheme is going to work. The dark red pieces are with the gloss black undercoat, and the brighter red pieces are either grey or white undercoat.DSC03308 I added some black or white oil wash to the panel lines.DSC03309 The imposing shield is assembled. It’s big!DSC03310 This centre section with the power pipes actually went together quite simply. The design of the pipes stops the small sections falling off during assembly which is nice.DSC03311 DSC03312 More of the dark red pieces are getting painted. Here you can see their lovely metallic finish and how well they contrast against the brighter red pieces.DSC03313 DSC03314

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  1. GN this is looking brilliant, all the reds and metals are awesome. The shield looks boss, pun intended but it does in my humble opinion.

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