1/100 MG Sengoku Astray part 1

I started this build a couple of weeks back and then got busy with other things (work, kids, life etc.) and I also managed to lose one of the sword handle pieces which annoyed me so much I didn’t feel like doing Gunpla.

Anyway, I’ve done a bit more work on the white armour pieces. Undercoat is Alclad grey undercoat, and the white is my Createx white thinned with Tamiya thinner and some Future Finish. I like how gold looks with the white, so I went and hand painted in some gold details with paint from a gold Gundam Marker.DSC04405 I also wanted to add some more details, so I cut thin strips from this sticky backed aluminium foil, and added it to various sections of the armour.DSC04404I left some sections of grey undercoat masked and you can see on the pieces at the top where the centre line is done with the foil, and there’s some small sections added to other pieces too. They’re now drying from another coat of Future Finish before I do some black oil wash on them

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