1/100 MG Sengoku Astray part 3

Now that most of the pieces have had their red paint effects complete, I decided to accent some parts with silver Gundam marker and black oil wash for the details.DSC04636 Here they’re getting a Future Finish top coat. I want the red pieces to be glossy to contrast against the flat coat on the white armour pieces.DSC04637 It seems strange painting the red pieces with a black undercoat first, but it’s necessary for the final paint effect that I want – s subdued and dark metallic red rather than the more glitzy candy coat I did for the PG Red Frame Astray.DSC04638 You can see here just how glossy the black Alclad is!DSC04639 These leg pieces are quite neat indeed, but they really needed the extra painted details to make them special.DSC04640 The state of my desk during building is quite messy….DSC04642 DSC04643Future Finish top coat to seal in the black oil wash I’d done earlier. DSC04644 DSC04645 DSC04655 Finally the arm frames are assembled.DSC04656 DSC04657 The legs are quite intricate. They have some pegs that go through from the sides to join the two halves together. They’re highly fiddly and a right pain. I lost some of the small pieces a few times, but luckily for me eldest daughter has great eye-sight! Finally I got them all in place.DSC04664 The legs are highly detailed.DSC04665 The armour went onto the chest section quite easily. I’m pleased I did the extra details as these pieces really stand out. Also, I realized that there’s some stickers for the two red “lights” on top of the chest. But I didn’t need them as I’d already used the Tamiya clear red  on that piece, and of course, that looks infinitely better!DSC04666 Getting all these sections together we get one mighty impressive mech!DSC04667 DSC04668 DSC04669 DSC04670 DSC04671 DSC04672 DSC04673

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  1. The red is airbrush painted Tamiya gunmetal with a coat of Tamiya clear red on top. I used a marker for the silver sections which I decanted and hand painted on, and then used a black marker for some of the panel lines and details.

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