1/100 Zerstore part 2

I’m really happy with how the legs came out!DSC09798 The red details really stand out and make the frame look interesting.DSC09799 Here you can see the complex mechanics as the knee bends.DSC09800 DSC09803Next up was to get the yellow pieces all painted in advance. There’s lots of tiny details done in the yellow. DSC09804The plastic for the yellow pieces is a bit orange, but I went with Tamiya lemon yellow for them. I didn’t undercoat and instead just painted directly onto the plastic, and then top coated with Future Finish. DSC09805 For the panel lines, because I’m going onto raw white plastic I can use my fine drafting pens.DSC09806 The forearms are quite interesting, with an inner frame and these flat pieces added on that have holes in them to see details inside. I used clear blue on the small detail inside. The outer pieces went candy red which I think looks great, although I was concerned before I painted them that it might be a bit over the top.DSC09807 The hands are fully articulated, but need to be assembled onto the arms. They’re not designed to come off and on after assembly.DSC09808 DSC09809 For the upper arm, I wanted to do these sections candy red, so I had to mask.DSC09810 You’ll see where these small detail sections I also did candy red end up on the model soon. It’s quite strange that they’re separate pieces, but I’ll take what details I’ve been given and work with them.DSC09811 Here’s the rest of the arm frame getting Tamiya gunmetal and a flat coat.DSC09812 The white/red armour details cover the bolt heads and nut. I had to slightly drill out one of the pieces on the underside to get it to fit, and they all needed gluing in place.DSC09813 Now you can see where the small detail pieces that I did candy red go on the shoulders.DSC09814 I also did the bolts around this shoulder piece in red too. DSC09815And now we’re ready for the rest of the shoulder to go on.

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