1/100 Zerstore part 3

Slowly this kit is coming together!DSC09976This is part of the waist. Getting the screws in was hard.DSC09978Eventually it all came together and is solid. DSC09979 This section for the chest was also tricky, but the end result is not solid. I had to use glue to get it assembled and even then the side sections are a touch wobbly.DSC09980 DSC09982 I painted in the details on these metallic pieces before assembly.DSC09983Now for the hips. DSC09984 I did the blue and red details with Tamiya clear paints.DSC09985 Getting the two halves of the hips together was very tricky. The polycaps are so stiff that even screwing the plastic pieces in to them didn’t make them flush enough. Eventually with some polycap shaving I got it all together.DSC09987 I then glued it together and clamped the halves tight together while they dried.DSC09989 Next up was the first of the photo-etched parts. The parts are nicely etched, and don’t need snipping off the metal which is nice and gives a very smooth finish.DSC09990However, when removing the top sticky plastic sheet you can see residue on the metal pieces. This is not so nice. DSC09991 The photo-etched parts go into the yellow sections reasonably well, but not really tightly enough so that they won’t fall out. I dropped some Future Finish onto them to hold them into place.DSC09992 I like the details on this piece, but I’m still a touch concerned over how it’s going to assemble and it might need more glue at that point.DSC09993 Here’s some more gunmetal parts ready for detailing. They’re painted with Tamiya gunmetal and have Alclad flat topcoat on them to take off the shine.DSC09994 For the gun barrel I did the two snap-on side sections in Alclad aluminium to add a bit of interest to the part.DSC09995 Here’s a bunch of those pieces getting detailed up with Tamiya smoke and clear red.DSC09996 These sections are for the shoulders. Warning – the instructions have you assemble their parts in the incorrect order. The small part at the back that slides down into the sides cannot actually do so and must be assembled into the sides as the first step.DSC09997 I like how the Tamiya smoke brings out the depth to the details on these parts.DSC09998 This section with the red part is for the backpack. I’m waiting on batteries arriving before I assemble the large metal thrusters so I stopped at this point.DSC09999Although the moulding and edges are not that sharp, these parts have good details on them that are simply brought out with a few drops of Tamiya smoke.DSC00002 Lovely details on the leg side sections that will be covered up and never seen!DSC00004 The yellow vents had poorly placed nubs on the sharp corner. You can’t really see it, but with only one side facing out on the finished model you’d have thought they could have placed it better. I put a drop of Future Finish in each one to hold the photo-etched part in place.DSC00005 These are some of the pad-printed parts. The printing really is quite nice. They still need detailing up with some panel lines though!DSC00006 Yellow vents inserted and glued in place.DSC00007 There’s four inner leg pieces…DSC00008And two outer leg pieces. Because we’re on bare plastic I could use one of my fine marker pens to do the panel lines, but I have a q-tip damp with isopropanol ready just in case of a slip. DSC00009 Completed sections in the box awaiting assembly.DSC00010 Starting with the legs, taking care to keep right parts on the right leg and left parts on the left leg…DSC00011 The computer is at hand because of the rather daft DVD-ROM based video manual. The backs of the feet needed gluing in place and are rather roughly designed.DSC00012 More photo-etched parts for the legs.DSC00013 Here you can see how the panel line details are working on the white pad-printed parts. I think it’s looking pretty sharp.DSC00014 The leg is really coming together now. Some of the parts seem a little strange, but it sorta works andI’ve only had to use a little glue to hold things in place.DSC00015 DSC00016 One leg done! The Tamiya lemon yellow on the accent parts looks so much better than the awful yellowy-orange they came moulded in! Similarly the red accent parts are so much better done in my favourite red of Createx pearl red with a top coat of Tamiya clear red. I’m ok with the blue, but even if you’re not going to paint because of the pad-printed parts you’re going to really want to do something about the rest.DSC00017 The leg frame looks pretty good. Here’s the left leg awaiting its armour parts.DSC00018The pad-printed parts still needed de-nubbing. Although this plastic they use is quite awful and soft, it does have the advantage that denubbing it is pretty easy and generally leaves a very clean result.DSC00019 For the soles of the feet I went in and added a good dose of Tamiya smoke.DSC00020 This leg is ready for the earlier assembled blue side sections. DSC00022 The design and appearance of the legs is pretty goodDSC00023 More nice detail on the inside of the large outer blue sections.DSC00024 Two legs all done.DSC00026Hopefully the rest of the build will go reasonably smoothly.

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  1. nice work as usual. I see there are lots of parts which require glue. May I know what glue did you use? Might as well get it ready while waiting for mine to arrive.

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