1/144 Neo Zeong part 2

Continuing on with the build, I’m starting with some pieces that I want to mask and detail up, or that will need fix-up work.DSC05278All these pieces are getting Alclad gloss black undercoat so I can go wild with the Alclad metallics on top – polished brass and aluminium. DSC05279The large fuel tanks come in two halves, so I glued them together so I can remove the seam line. It’s a big seam and I bet it’s going to take some time to get just right. DSC05280 The underskirt has some details, but not too many. I’m doing these raised sections in polished brass.DSC05281For the horns, these interior sections are crying out for some painted details. Again I started with the Alclad gloss black undercoat, and then went with Alclad aluminium on top. I think then with various masks I should be able to bring out the details I want. It should be interesting to see exactly how it goes. The curved top section had a small nub on it that needed some sanding, even though these pieces are runner-less. DSC05282 And now that these detail pieces are dry, they can get a little black oil wash.DSC05283 More pieces drying. I’m going to run out of space on this project – I can feel it! I may have to limit myself to building it section by section through to completion.DSC05284These pieces go at the tops of the arms and I didn’t think plain grey was going to be right for them, so I went with the polished brass, masking some of the details and the arch, and then doing the square base with aluminium. I’m intending to do a lot of the interior in Tamiya gunmetal, so I think it makes sense to pick out various areas to do more metallic as that will contrast nicely.DSC05285 This large underskirt section didn’t take nearly as much Tamyia gunmetal as I thought. I did two coats just to be sure before I removed the masking tape to reveal the brass sections. I think this bodes well for the other large pieces and how much paint it’s going to need. That said, I bought some extra jars of Tamiya clear red and gunmetal this morning, just in case.DSC05286Here’s the state of the fuel tanks. They’ve been glues, filled and painted. Sanded, painted, sanded painted, and are awaiting more filler, before being painted and sanded some more….

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