Neo Zeong progresses slowly….DSC05293As I was already working on the fuel tanks, I decided to do a few more of their pieces. This is the base, with rockets that I did with Tamiya clear red over Alclad chrome. DSC05294The outside was painted Tamiya gunmetal. But why the hexagons on the paper you’re asking? DSC05295 Because they’re for masking patterns on the large pieces! To make the hexagons I’m laying out strips of masking tape onto the paper template and you can see the lines through the tape to carefully cut. The large skirt section is unbelievably plain, with only a single decal (the only water slide in the whole kit) to brighten it up. The hexagon ring is to frame the Neo Zeong logo, and the rest is just to liven the part up a bit. I’m masking on the Alclad grey undercoat because I intend to paint the red pieces as I did the dark red on the Sazabi, which was a base coat of Alclad gloss black, Createx pearl red, and then Tamiya clear red on top. By masking some of the parts when I spray the black gloss, I’ll leave brighter grey areas that will turn a brighter red (of the same hue) when the paint job is complete.DSC05296

The fuel tanks are getting the hexagon pattern to tie in with the skirt. I set up the pattern spacing so that the pattern would repeat perfectly around the cylinder.DSC05297 Here’s some more parts awaiting masking. Alclad copper for these. I’ll mask and paint the rest Tamiya gunmetal.DSC05298 Here’s some more parts drying….DSC05299 These pieces join onto the large skirt section, so I’m carrying through the hexagon pattern to tie them in.DSC05300 Here’s the masking tape on the template drawing, just lifting the corner to place them.DSC05301 And here’s the spacing template I made to keep all the spacing consistent. It was set originally for the fuel tanks, but I’m keeping the same spacing for the rest of the pieces. The hexagons are made in trapezium halves, which is a little fiddly, but makes perfect use of the masking tape and allows for a bit more design creativity in places.DSC05302 Here’s one of the thrusters that I painted with Alclad gloss black, then Alclad chrome with Tamiya clear red on top. It’s nice, but the finish is not perfect.DSC05303 So I thought I’d try the Tamiya polishing compound I just picked up. It works well. I used the “course” compound here. I’ll try the “fine” and “finish” later!DSC05304Here’s a comparison of before and after the “course” polish. Top is polished, bottom as painted. It works well, but I think with some more work I’ll get them looking really shiny!

2 thoughts on “1/144 NEO ZEONG PART 3”

  1. Glorious.
    Really like the spacer idea for the hexagon masks pieces. Will you carry rhis through onto the Sinanju?
    The polishing compound seems to work a little too well, but it is basically finishing /sanding process, and will remove microscopic layers material. But we live and learn, and you testing this stuff out, and writinfg about on your blog, certainly helps the less accomplished of us. (ie me, lol). So thank you.

  2. The Sinanju is small, so I don’t know if I’ll have room to carry over the hexagons. Depending on how the lower sections of the NZ look with the hexagons, I’ll see how I can work the design into the upper sections. I will have to make a new spacer template though, as this one is on its last legs. BTW, the spacing is as near to 6mm as I could arrange, and hence I could use 6mm masking tape to make the spacer. It’s great when all the math works out.

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