1/144 Neo Zeong part 5

There’s no specifically blue plastic pieces on this kit, so small uses of blue can serve as great contrast to the mass of red.DSC05344Here on the main skirt thrusters, I uses Tamiya metallic blue on the outside, Alclad chrome on the inside, with a small amount of hand painted Tamiya clear blue at the centre. DSC05346And as there’s not much detail in the plastic, I’m adding some with the paint. I like the use of Alclad copper here at the base of the thrusters and on the thruster supports.DSC05501The fuel tanks are mostly complete. They’re quite impressive and ever-so-large! I’m very happy with how the hexagonal pattern has come out. DSC05502 I used Alclad chrome for these vents.DSC05503And at the base, the thrusters fit nicely. DSC05504 Here’s a better shot of the rear skirt section. Again, I’m very happy with how the hexagonal pattern has come out. I had assembled it further, but the small thruster holders had their paint damaged, so I’ve had to strip and re-paint them.DSC05505 I used Alclad chrome on these parts assembled onto these red pieces. You can see how the hexagon pattern extends from the rear of the skirt onto them to tie in the theme.DSC05506 Now there’s a lot of red pieces on this kit…. So more are getting the treatment of Alclad black gloss undercoat and a light coat of Createx pearl red.DSC05507And when that’s dry Tamiya clear red will complete them.

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  1. A went through at least a whole bottle of the Alclad grey primer, a few bottles of Tamiya gunmetal and about 5 Tamiya clear red. The Createx pearl red comes in a large bottle and I don’t think I used too much of it as I still have some left.

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