1/144 Neo Zeong part 6

In possibly what is the slowest build ever, progress continues!DSC05562

I thought it time to get the stand assembled to help me with the build.DSC05563 I’m running out of space to keep the large pieces. Here I’ve got the rear skirt re-assembled after stripping and repainting the thruster nacelles. The paint got damaged upon first assembly and it’s little disasters like this that is really slowing down the build. The side sections are assembled too, and look really nice.DSC05564 The shine on these sections is wonderful. I’ve had to do a good wet sanding of the Tamiya clear red though, as it came out a bit dirty,  but it fixed up fine. More layers of Future Finish are drying here.DSC05565 More Alclad gloss black for these red pieces.DSC05566I’m doing some details with Alclad aluminium. DSC05567And for the rear of these pieces too. I think a touch of hand-painted clear red will work nicely on the raised details, perhaps smoke on recessed areas?DSC05771Here’s with Tamiya smoke in the recessed areas. That really adds depth to the piece.

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