1/144 RG GP-01 Zephyranthes & Full Burnen

These two new RG kits are excellent. I completed them just before I started on Kastrysha but have only just got their photos taken.

They build pretty much like the rest of the RG kits I’ve done, with the major difference being the Core Fighter and thus the centre section of the pre-made frame is not used.

The Core Fighter has a simple transform and fits nicely into the chest section, although you do loose a bit of structural integrity, the top and bottom sections do stay together pretty well.

I prefer the look of the Full Burnen, and the added gimmicks with the shoulder vernier thrusters, but they’re both great kits.TGN_1872 TGN_1871 TGN_1870 TGN_1868 TGN_1867 TGN_1865 TGN_1863 TGN_1859 TGN_1858 TGN_1857

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