1/35 GunHed 2025 Special Edition part 5

The process of adding the oil paint is a long and slow one. You can only do a little at a time or else you risk disturbing an area already complete.DSC01985I wanted to keep the oil “live” as long as possible to allow for adjustments. Once you top coat to protect a layer, you loose the ability easily alter it. Also, I found that for blending in the orange, that worked so much better going into a layer of dry oil paint rather than directly onto the top coat. When the tiny drops of orange oil paint hit the dry oil paint layer, they soak in and spread in a very nice way. DSC01986 To move towards top coating, I examined each piece thoroughly before taking it to be airbrushed with a layer of Future Finish. This arm didn’t look right, so I held it back and worked more on back of it, adding more layers of rust, and more chipping to give an anchor for the rusted patch, dropping in the tiniest drops of the orange oil to break up the effect.DSC01991 I top coated this front wheel “foot” section before I’d realized there was a couple of stray brush marks on the side. Because the top coat had dried there wasn’t much I could do to remove the brush marks. What I could do, however, was to cover them up, so I got the oily steel out, dabbed in my sponge and added a patch of spreading rust on the side panel.DSC01992 After top coating I noticed that the front section of these piece was a bit clean, so I added more oily steel with the sponge and some of the reddish brown burnt sienna with small dots of the orange oil paint along the edges.DSC01993 The inside of the “feet” pieces where the “leg” joins in were way too clean, so I liberally brushed the burnt sienna over the clean parts. They’re now nicely dirty and match in nicely.DSC01999 As each piece was top coated I assembled it onto the model. Here it is from a few angles.DSC02000The important thing to do now is to wait and watch and think before seeing if anything more needs to be done. I’ve got some clear parts to add, but I need to do that after flat coat. DSC02001 DSC02002Even as is, it’s quite impressive! I’m very happy with how the GunHed is looking.

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