1/35 Nu Gundam Head

When building a Gundam kit, the heads are usually small enough that you don’t get too much detail, and the parts are often fiddly. With this kit you get to concentrate on just the head, and to make it look great on display, you get enough of the surrounding pieces to really set it off!TGN_1929The LED illumination works well, and with such an easily accessible the switch is, you’re not going to worry about knocking it off your shelf to have it switched on. TGN_1930 From the side, you really get to appreciate the details. I really like the contrast between the red and blue sections with the white armour.TGN_1932 TGN_1933 TGN_1935 Even the eyes have details on them.TGN_1936 TGN_1939 I’m pleased I went with the pearl finish on the armour because it allows the white sections on the base to stand out with the added contrast.TGN_1940 And the grey decals blend in wonderfully with the pearl finish.TGN_1943 TGN_1945 Perhaps one of the nicest touches on the kit are how the sides of the head open up to show you the inner details. TGN_1947It was a pretty tricky build in places, but I guess that’s what we’ve come to expect for a non-Bandai kit. It wasn’t the stressful experience big Kashatryia was, but it’s still quite expensive for what you get.

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  1. Pro!

    Well at least that’s what it looks like to a non-painter like me. The kit looks pretty amazing, as you say you wouldn’t normally get to see all this detail on a smaller gunpla. Colours are really bright, the decals look good and love the LEDs.

    I can spot a few gate marks though, sorry. 🙁

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