1/35 Nu Gundam Head part 3

For the head armour, I pre-shaded the pieces, masked some detail sections that had Vallejo aluminium sprayed on them, and then did a top coat of Createx pearl white. The pearl white makes for a nice metallic finish that’s no overpowering, and also blends the pre-shading very nicely.

SAM_0490SAM_0492The wiring for the lights wasn’t too tricky. There’s ample space to put in the wires for the head and reasonable (although not totally explicit) guidance for the route the wires are to take. The wires for the sections are plugged into the wires leading to the battery with little connectors, so it’s reasonably easy to wire each section independently and just plug into check they’re working.SAM_0494 Here you can see how the battery sits in the kit. I decided to re-route the wires after this to go under the battery compartment which made the fitting of the switch at the front much easier. I had to slightly enlarge a hole to allow for this. I also managed to break a wire and have to re-solder it to the battery compartment. The actual integrity of the wires was pretty good. If I’d not had to change my mind on routing, they’d have been sturdy enough.SAM_0491 Here’s some more testing of the wiring with the blue LEDs in place.SAM_0495 The assembly here went reasonably smoothly, although I did end up taking most of it apart again later.SAM_0496 With the re-routed cabling I was able to easily join everything together under the conical section that the head rests on.SAM_0501 There’s a small piece missing here at the back. I remember painting it, but can’t seem to find it anywhere….. (Update – it didn’t get painted, it was lying stuck in the airbrush paint booth).SAM_0503 The side sections went on ok, but the blue piece at the back was rather tricky. I had to enlarge the hole and use a screwdriver to put some pressure on the tab to bend it into place.SAM_0508 The full base isn’t done yet, the even so, it’s actually looking rather impressive all lit up.SAM_0507 SAM_0504 SAM_0502 SAM_0510 SAM_0509

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  1. Bud-E looks awesome. The white looks good, especially with leds lite up. Roll on the finished piece.
    Once again great juxtaposition in the pictures twix the modelled piece and the disheveled work space.

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