1/35 Nu Gundam Head part 4

The final section of this kit is the base. The base was rather tricky to get together, the pieces were very tight to fit and a fair bit of strength was needed for assembly.SAM_0511 For the painting of the side and front pieces, I had to refer to a photographs in the instruction book. It was reasonably simple to mask the sections appropriately. I used the Vallejo aluminium for the lighter metal sections and Tamiya gunmetal for the darker sections.SAM_0512 Underneath you can see the nice detail on the white side sections clearly, and the red central section that holds another of the red hydraulics.SAM_0513 I started with the side pieces for the water slide decals. They went on very cleanly. The instructions are vague for some of the decals and specific for the others. A quick glance at the photographs really helped for position and to confirm the right decals had been chosen.SAM_0514 The red section at the front is actually the on/off switch for the lights. I like how it’s integrated into the design of the model. The section with the decal hides the CR2032 button battery. You can see the wiring poking out of the top. This has the small connector that links the wires through to the head section. Although I did have bother with the soldered link to the batter compartment, the rest of the wiring was sturdy and has appropriate heat shrink to keep it from breaking while you assemble.SAM_0515 The positioning of the hydraulics is a touch rough with no definite location on the pieces that hold them in place.SAM_0516The side sections went on reasonably well here, but I had awful bother on the other side. I guess the tolerances are just off on the kit and brute force is the only solution. SAM_0517 Ah, the messy desk in operation. You can see the various sections before assembly as I’m still adding the decals.SAM_0518I finished the decals for the central section. It looks pretty good when complete. I really like the blue side panels and the red sections. The springs work “ok” but are not brilliant. The look good though.

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