1/48 Space 1999 Eagle Transporter part 4

Continuing on with this build of the Eagle Transporter.DSC08304For a large section, the passenger pod goes together well. It’s nice that you can assemble it without having the top and bottom to hold it together, which should make for easier painting, and easier for my roof magnets too! DSC08306 I really like the look of the finished landing gear. I used a few different paints: the main supporting pillar is Tamiya gunmetal with Alclad polished aluminium on top. The scissor section and pillar support are done with Tamiya gunmetal and Uschii steel powder, with Alclad flat on top to seal it in. I then went over with Tamiya weathering master to add some light gunmetal highlights. The foot is Tamiya dark grey, then Uschii steel powder, flat coated with Alclad flat and then Tamiya weathering master light gunmetal.DSC08307 The rocket motor bells are done with Tamiya gunmetal, with Alclad polished aluminium on the outside (leaving the gunmetal visible on the inside). I used some Tamiya smoke to add some depth to the detail lines around the outside of the bells.DSC08308 I’ve just taped the base of the passenger pod on while I assemble the rest.DSC08309 Getting ready for a magnet test! Here I’m just marking where the magnets will go.DSC08310 Once I had the magnets in place, I just taped the roof on so I could see if the weight would be supported.DSC08311 Yes, the weight of the passenger pod is supported! I did test to see how putting the magnets on the underside of the roof would work, but the distance was too great for a good stick. DSC08312 To help the roof stay flat and support the pod I put in this piece of plasticard to help.DSC08313 The pod is now quite sturdy even without the top and bottomDSC08314 After marking around the magnet positions, I cut small holes with my drill and then expanded the holes until I reached the size of the magnet. I kept it a tight fit, pressed the magnets in flat and then put filler on top.DSC08315 Here’s more of the assembled parts getting primed.DSC08316 Our local hobby shop is closing, but that meant they had Tamiya paint on sale. I got their skin colour, orange and lemon yellow to start painting up the astronauts.DSC08317 I also got a bottle of Tamiya buff for the inside of the cockpit, masking for the white sections and area around the door.DSC08318 DSC08319 Here the astronauts have been shaded and washed and top coated and decals added. Now they’re awaiting a flat coat and assembly onto the back wall of the cockpit.DSC08320 This section is what attached the beak to the rest of the spacecraft. I’m using a magnet for the physical attachment, so I won’t be gluing this part onto the beak, only onto the main body. The 4 beak mounts around the edge are separate pieces and quite detailed. They’re attached by bands to the frame, and I carefully filled in and built up the bands to make them continuous and without gaps.DSC08321 The shoulder pods needed more primer after I’d glued on their small detail pieces.DSC08322 Here’s the cockpit interior.DSC08323And when the magnets meet, it sticks firmly into the nose cone of the beak!

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