1/60 Patlabor Helldiver

Assembled and ready for some weathering. The kit is gloss coated at this point which is a good surface to paint on some weathering now that the panel lines are dry.DSC09179I started with my fine paint brush dipped in water and into the silver on the Tamiya weathering master palette. This gives me scuffs and scrapes showing through the bare metal beneath. DSC09180 DSC09181 DSC09182 DSC09183 DSC09184 Now to flat coat with Alclad flat.DSC09185 DSC09186 Next stage is some rust applied with the same technique. In places it looks like rust, in others dirt. When I applied it I dragged it down with either a stiff brush or my finger for streaks.DSC09187 DSC09188 DSC09189 Final stage was to use the oil and liberally spread it around, both with brush and with the sponge that comes with the weathering master kits. I do this on the flat coat as it doesn’t apply too well to gloss.DSC09446For scale, here is Helldiver on my desk next to LBX Ifreet and the new Patlabor. DSC09447 DSC09448 DSC09449For an old kit, he’s a fun and cheap little build, even if the quality and detail is lacking compared to his modern cousin.

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