Hi-Resolution Barbatos

It must be because I was really enjoying Iron Blooded Orphans so much that I decided to try out Bandai’s latest line of model kits – “HiRM Hi-Resolution Model”.DSC08676Box is nice and glossy. DSC08677 Inside, the pre-built frame is hiding in its own box, with the armour and weapon parts on runners as normal.DSC08678 When you pick up the frame you can feel the use of metal parts in how heavy it is.DSC08679 I did look to see how far I could disassemble it, but although the arms and legs come off easily, the actual structure was a bit hard to get into, so I just left it as is.DSC08681 I did however use some thinned Tamiya smoke to bring out some of the details, and Tamiya Weathering master light gunmetal just to hide some of that plastic look.DSC08682 Most of the plastic parts you’re going to cut out and add to the kit have special coatings. The white armour pieces have a lovely glossy pearl finish. The blue and red are nice metallic colours, and the gold is also pretty decent.DSC08683 However, I found the finish on the blue pieces a bit delicate.DSC08684 In handling, I managed to rub off some of the blue leaving the chrome visible. I decided to re-paint all the blue pieces with Tamiya clear blue paint.DSC08685 Here you can see the re-painted blue pieces. I also gloss coated the red pieces with Future Finish to protect them for the build.DSC08686 There’s lots of detail on the armour parts and really nice colour separation.DSC08687 The red logos are all separate pieces of clear red plastic with a silver painted back to reflect the light.DSC08688 I panel lined most of the pieces ahead of assembly.DSC08689 The knife-edges on the back of the knees are also another special coated plastic. They have a nice metallic gunmetal sheen to them.DSC08690 Nearly there!DSC08691 Most of the armour parts are sufficiently under-gated making nub removal safe and easy. There’s a few normal gates, but for the most part they’re hidden away on the kit, so the end result is great, even though I’m doing a mostly unpainted build.DSC08692 Great details and articulation on the legs and feet.DSC08693 More nice detail on the skirt armour.DSC08694 With just a little panel lining with Tamiya smoke, the details really pop.DSC08695 There are working hydraulics all over this kit.DSC08696 The parts separation really helps add to the kit. Although the grey plastic has no special finish, it looks really great against the dark frame and pearl white.DSC08697 DSC08698 DSC08699 The backpack was a fun build.DSC08700 I couldn’t leave the pistons and hydraulics the default brown plastic, so I quickly painted them up with Alclad pale gold and polished aluminium.DSC08701 The articulation on the backpack is to hold the weapons, and deliver them to the hands.DSC08702 They hold the massive sword quite easily. I used Alcald flat on the sword, then took to the edges with Uschii chrome powder.DSC08703 Complete, Barbatos is a very impressive Gundam.DSC08704The gun is pretty large too. I left the brown plastic as-is, just adding details with Tamiya smoke. The black plastic parts were painted with Tamiya gunmetal. I’ll top-coat it all with Alclad flat, and then go over the edges with Tamiya Weathering master oil-stain and light gunmetal.

I’m just getting my nice photo setup back in action, so hopefully I’ll soon be able to get some better photos of my recently completed kits online.

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