LBX Lucifer Build

Eldest daughter (she’s 8) decided to build the LBX Lucifer on her own.SAM_0014Great artwork on the box, and we have no idea what to expect on the inside.SAM_0015But she dives straight in, first separating out the runners (no tools needed) and then snapping off the parts with her fingers. Again, no tools are needed and they leave barely a nub at all, meaning she doesn’t need to get dangerous with the scalpel or craft knife. SAM_0016And one thing she’s great with is stickers. And they’re great stickers too – the metal effect looks super. SAM_0017 SAM_0019 The detail on the “ears” is all done with stickers and she did a superb job. You can’t easily tell it’s stickers.SAM_0026 SAM_0027The wing sections with their clear parts were a bit tricky to get into place, needing a fair bit of force, but other than that this kit has gone together really well for her. I’ll follow up with some pictures of the complete model later.

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