Legend BB FA Knight Gundam photos

This is my first SD Gundam kit and I really enjoyed it.  The colours of the paint didn’t come out exactly as intended, but I’m not unhappy as the end result looks great.A005_C035_10239U_001There’s a fair bit of masking to do on the kit, but it went smoothly enough, and adding those painted details really helps the kit. A005_C033_10239V_001 The red effects parts are great, and the gold details real add to look.A005_C031_1023VL_001 A005_C032_1023LO_001 A005_C030_1023K2_001 A005_C029_10235R_001 A005_C036_10230K_001What was so nice about this kit is how quickly and easily you could put it together, especially with how it uses Bandai’s nice “nub-less” runner technology. Of course, an over-reliance on stickers isn’t fun, but the detail is clear enough that the masking wasn’t hard.

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