6 thoughts on “MG Sazabi The Second – Frame”

  1. one question: Do you feel wasted that the frame will be covered up in the final product? When you first started to paint the inner frame, do you have thoughts that why do you even bother painting the inner frame when it will be covered up eventually? I have been having those thoughts recently and maybe you could share on why you paint the inner frames. I do get the satisfaction of a painted inner frame but also feel a waste of effort

  2. That’s a great question!

    To me, the difference between buying a kit and buying a pre-made sculpture is the fun and enjoyment of making and painting the kit. As the frame is part of the kit and enjoyable to paint, the purpose is served by painting the frame even though you may never see parts of it again once the armour is on.

    I don’t buy a kit thinking “that will look nice on my desk”, but “I will enjoy building and painting it”.

    So no, I don’t find the effort to paint and detail an inner frame wasted. What I would think would be good though are versions of these kits that are just the inner frame with exquisite detail, with either clear armour or no armour pieces at all.

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