MG Shin Musha Gundam part 2

This blog post has been a long time coming! Life keeps me busy, but over Easter I was able to get more paint on this very interesting kit.The red pieces needed to go candy red. First step was to use Tamiya gunmetal as a base coat. This works well as it can go directly onto the plastic, and it forms a great base for the Alclad. Next the Alclad pale gold. Gold makes for a great bright candy red, that’s not as dark as when you use chrome or aluminium.  The last stage is the Tamiya clear red. Tamiya clear red is just a lovely colour and always goes on well. Of course, there are plenty of gold pieces on this kit too. Again, I started with Tamiya gunmetal, and followed up with the Alclad pale gold. The gold pieces are that ugly plastic gold in the kit, so they really had to be done properly!I’ve adapted some take-away sushi trays for parts organization. It’s working well!  Assembly time! The contrast on this kit is great. The gold stands out really well over the black and red. There are plenty of tiny pieces on this kit. Lots and lots of tiny detail pieces. Great colour separation, but it really adds to the painting and assembly time. The backpack assembles easily and has parts to grip the weapons. The thrusters were done with Alclad polished aluminium.While the hand-painting on the head was drying I continued assembly. These arm shields look great.  The skirt section was perhaps the trickiest bit of assembly I’ve had in ages. The front section is completely articulated and getting the right parts in the right order was not that easy as I’d separated and pre-painted all the pieces. The instructions at this point don’t show a good angle and I just had to keep guessing until I got it!The large shoulder sections look great when all the gold details get added.  For the red and gold on the head, I just masked off the red area and did a quick coat of Alclad gold.  Ah the legs…. They come with a pre-assembled frame rather like an RG kit but bigger. You have to get all the little pistons turned the right way and loosened up to function right. Then you have to screw the knees on! But once you get the leg all assembled, the colours and details all really work nicely.  Shoulders and arms next. And now we can start to join sections together.   Now that’s quite impressive!! Shin Musha – a fun MG kit that has lots of details.

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