New Arrivals

It’s always nice when a big parcel arrives in the post. Today, to add to my ever increasing backlog arrived:


  • Silver Crow from Accel World: This will go nicely with the Black Lotus kit I made up the other week.
  • Patlabor Helldiver: I’d made this kit over 20yrs ago, and it was cheap so I decided to get one to build again as I remember enjoying it. I don’t have the original, so it will be nice to see it again.
  • Patlabor 1/48 Ingram: This is the new one that just came out, and it looks to be a superb kit. Really looking forwards to this one!
  • Z.O.E. Dolores, I: Not impressed looking at this one in the box. I don’t quite know why I bought it, other than I enjoyed watching the series and it’s a pretty interesting looking mech.
  • RE100 Nightingale: It looks big, and I have no doubt it’ll look impressive when finished.
  • MG Hi-Nu: Looks to be a really nice kit. I’ll want to take my time with this one!
  • LBX Hyper Ifreet: Wow – really nice looking kit. The box is a good size packed with runners and effects parts, and not too many stickers. I’m really looking forwards to it. My kids have built the normal LBX kits, but these Hyper ones have an inner frame and look more advanced.
  • Jibanyan, Robonyan and Bushinyan from Youkai Watch: These are for the kids to build. I think I’ll be building the Robonyan as my youngest is still a bit young for model kits though!

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