New Arrivals

The very nice guy from FedEx just arrived. This is what was in the Hobby Link Japan parcel he had for me:SAM_0010I’ve never build a proper transforming Gundam, hence the Aegis. I remember the early Macross kits and being ever so annoyed that they sorta semi-transfomed, but really you had to pick a mode and stick to it. I’d be keen to try a modern Macross kit that does properly transform though!

We’re very much enjoying watching Valvrave the Liberator, so when we learned of the two kits I was keen to get them. They seem pretty reasonable kits, although a little to heavy on their reliance on stickers rather than colour differentiated parts. That’s going to mean masking and painting for me. I might be able to use some of the stickers as pre-made masks and that could make life easier. If not, the new Tamiya 6mm masking tape I picked up at the local Great Hobbies store is working very well.

Finally there’s LBX Lucifer. I’d seen the model on a blog and it looked an interesting little character and fun to build.

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