RG Destiny

RG Destiny turned out to be a really great build. I was very pleased to get the Bandai extra special edition “Wings of Light” as I think they really add to the look of this kit.TGN_1918Starting with some of the smaller details, the legs went together well andI liked the panel lines that allowed me to mask and paint various sections to keep it from looking plain grey. Although the armour pieces are moulded in grey, I went with a white colour scheme adding the grey aluminium as details. TGN_1917 Different from other RG kits, the hands are special with their palm guns. I really like this shot showing all the major colours I used on the model, and I continue to be impressed at how good the Createx pearl blue works.TGN_1915 TGN_1912The wings really show their colours when the light hits them right! TGN_1911  TGN_1906 TGN_1901 TGN_1899 The weapons work well, and are held in place on the kit so you don’t loose them!TGN_1896 TGN_1895 TGN_1893

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