RG Destiny

I’ve had RG Destiny for some while, but was waiting on the “Wings of Light” arriving before I started building it. The wings arrived, and quite nice they look too, and you also get a nice clear grey stand.SAM_0450I don’t have early photos of the kit, but here’s some starting about half way through the build.SAM_0451The new alligator clip part holders are working superbly well. Here I’m using Tamiya Gunmetal on the black pieces, and on some of them I’m covering the gunmetal with Tamiya clear grey, which leads to a polished granite finish I really like. The red pieces are Createx pearl red with a Tamiya clear red top coat.SAM_0454 There’s some nice large red pieces for the wings that get the pearl red / clear red treatment. I also hand painted in some detail sections in Tamiya clear grey. I used a black oil paint wash on the details to bring them out.SAM_0455 Here’s a completed leg. I masked a number of sections and painted them with Vallejo air aluminium, which is a really nice paint. I like how it goes on, and I like how it looks – a nice flat metallic aluminum. I used the Tamiya Weathering Master on some of the white armour edges to bring them out. The blue sections are Createx pear blue.SAM_0453 For the red body parts, I also added some hand painted sections of Tamiya clear grey to differentiate those panels. I like the effect. The metallic sections for the vents is Vallejo aluminium with a top coat of Tamiya clear grey. The lighter blue sections are a mix of Vallejo aluminium and Createx pearl blue. I’m very happy with how that came out.SAM_0463 SAM_0462 SAM_0466The V fin is Vallejo old gold. I think it works pretty well.

2 thoughts on “RG Destiny”

  1. Really good so far, with good clear descriptions on the paintwork you’ve carried.
    Looking to more updates and the finished product. Hope you are going to spring for the decals 🙂

  2. I dunno…. I find the RG stickers pretty decent and although I enjoy the painting and assembly process, I don’t know if I have the patience for water slides on an RG.

    I really like experimenting with paint effects. We’ll see how the photos come out on the Tamiya gunmetal / clear grey pieces because they’re looking sweet on the kit. The fancy wings of light are great too. I’ll try get some more photos up soon.

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