RX-105 Xi part 1

The 1/144 RX-105 “Gundoom” arrived while I was building up Sazabi The Second. It’s an interesting kit, so lets begin….DSC06907I didn’t get the box so Hobbymate could keep the shipping costs down. The instructions have a good number of colour pages with nice photos of the completed kit, but the instructional pages are just black and white with simple outline drawings. There’s a few stickers with the kit that I’ll most likely not use as I’ll be painting, but there’s also a tonne of decals, and they look pretty good.

DSC06908I started on the frame, painting it with Tamiya Gunmetal.

DSC06909The frame pieces were easy to cut out and de-nub as the quality of the plastic used is pretty good. However, the quality of the moulding is not up to Bandai standard.

DSC06910The hands have decent enough articulation, but they need the back-plate attached to keep the fingers firmly in place, so I’m being rather careful here with them while they’re being painted.DSC06911Here you can see one of the blue runners and how it’s warped and won’t lie flat. I don’t think this directly impacts the pieces, but it does show and is indicative of the quality of the moulding.

DSC06916There’s a reasonable amount of detail on the inner frame, so I used some Alclad chrome on the hydraulics, and painted in details with gold Gundam marker, adding Tamiya smoke too to finish the effect.

DSC06917The polycaps are ok, and the fit of the frame sections is not too bad, but they seem somewhat oddly designed in places, and some of the pieces were very tight to fit into the polycaps when assembling the frame.

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