VF-25F 1/72 Armored Messiah Alto Custom part 3

Because these armour parts are all dark blue, it made little sense to do a black panel line wash that would never be seen. My experience recently, especially with Sazabi is that a white panel line wash can look really attractive in these situations.DSC04794For the white panel line wash I mixed some white oil paint with mineral spirits in an old Tamiya paint jar until it was quite thin. I use my fine paint brush to just add it to the details on the parts. DSC04795I don’t try to get everything in one pass. I’ll catch what I miss, and sometimes you can wipe off too much and have to try again. You can also see the sections I hand painted on the legs where the decal just really wasn’t ever going to go nice over the half-sphere, not least as it’s so tight to the edge the decal would get squished and not lie flat. I did give it a quick go, but stopped as soon as I knew it wasn’t going to work. Hand painting looks just fine though! DSC04796 The panel lines on these pieces took the oil wash very cleanly.DSC04797 I’ve stripped off the attached pieces on these parts while I detail them. There’s lots of good panel line details that are really enhanced with the white lines.DSC04798 Some panel lines are very thin though. You can see where I’ve added quite a thick line of white oil wash in the hope it gets into the minute line. DSC04799Next up for the airbrush are the white pieces. I hate painting white onto white pieces, so I’ve done a grey Alclad undercoat first. I’ll try the white Alclad undercoat on top as it usually goes on clean and looks good. I’ll top that with Future Finish and then panel line in black with an oil wash.DSC04801 I’m carefully adding the water slide decals to this part. They are going on pretty well, but as it’s all curved surfaces, I’m using tiny drops of Tamiya X20 thinner to set the decals. This is working well so far.DSC04802 The white lines have a small overlap with the curved piece at the front, so they join together without much in the way of visible seam.DSC04803 The white pieces have dried and are now getting a black oil wash. Some of the pieces are done, others are getting touched up where the black oil didn’t quite get all the way into a panel line.DSC04804I also put the water slide decals on the back of these pieces. They’re large and delicate, but went on ok, and with the tiny drops of thinner to help, they appear to have adhered to the curves without bubbles or gaps.DSC04805 I decided to add some of the HQO parts I’d ordered off Ebay. The larger photo-etch circular grilles were just the right size for these leg parts. I used a dab of Future Finish to hold them in place.DSC04806 Slightly smaller photo-etch grilles fit nicely here, but I think I’ll have to add in some more black wash as they don’t stand out too great off the white background.DSC04807Rather than use the water slide decals for these parts, a drop of Tamiya clear red works wonders, especially over the bright white background.

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