VF-25F 1/72 Armored Messiah Alto Custom part 4

Now that a good number of the pieces have been painted, I can begin some of the assemblies.DSC04808This front of the plane section went together quite well. I had to re-paint the nose-cone white and it came out a bit whiter than the rest of the white pieces, no doubt due to the extra layers of white paint. It doesn’t stand out too much though, and the nose cones of the Valkyries often have some colour differentiation anyhow. DSC04810 The head came out great! I masked the antennae and put on a light layer of Tamiya smoke to turn the barrel parts grey, but without going over the black oil wash details. The visor section was painted with Tamiya clear green on the inside.DSC04811 This small clear section goes at the front of the cockpit. There are some light blue stickers for it, but I thought it better to paint the insides Tamiya clear blue, and add a small black line with the Rapidograph on the outside.DSC04812 DSC04813The Alto pilot figure was carefully hand painted. I used Tamiya white for the shoulders and helmet. The body was Tamiya smoke over the grey undercoat and Tamiya clear blue for the sides and helmet. I dotted clear red on the shoulders where the logos would go. It looks pretty good considering how small it is. DSC04815 Now it’s getting a top coat of Future Finish.DSC04816

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