RX-105 Xi part 2

Here’s the frame all assembled. I doubt we’ll see much of it, but I added some details in gold for fun, and gave the whole thing a nice flat coat which always works so well on top of Tamiya gunmetal.DSC07474 DSC07475 The frame is a bit basic, and the foot ball joint polycaps seem a bit weak for stability, so it’s a good thing this kit comes with a stand. That said, we don’t usually have the luxury of a frame to build on 1/144 kits.DSC07476I started on the white pieces with D runner as a few of the pieces required masking. It’s a shame that they didn’t design the gun better so as not to need masking though as it’s rather a tricky shape to get the masking tape around.

2 thoughts on “RX-105 Xi part 2”

  1. The gun will look fine when it’s done. But I’m so used to the barrel part being a separate piece to the outer and thus not needing the masking. It’s so weird where a kit will do so well in some areas, but then loose it in others.

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