1/100 Kastrysha part 3

Kastrysha progresses slowly…SAM_0201Here’s some more of the component pieces painted and the arms fully assembled. That arms look great but dealing with the power pipes was very tricky to get them into the tiny holes in the sleeves. The instructions sort-of show the pipes just ending at the wrist and being covered by the sleeves, but as soon as you try to assemble them on, you find that’s not quite how they actually go together.SAM_0202 Here I’m starting with the wiring of the chest lights and rear thrusters. The tank-track section was quite nice and fun to build and looks good when complete, but was very tricky to actually place correctly into the kit.SAM_0203 The thrusters and lighter green panel attach on firmly…SAM_0204 …but the centre ring and side panel that holds the electrical panel connector do not.SAM_0205 The electrical wires break easily (had to re-solder one set 6 times) and are very difficult to route from the power connector to the thruster and forwards to the lights at the front. I had to do some surgery on the pieces to get them to actually fit together. Actually, it was a fair bit of surgery to actually give a path to route the wires from the blue LED on the thrusters past the connecting pin and through to the electrical power connector, and then more room to get the cables past the tank-treads and out. I found the green ring section didn’t want to fit smoothly and allow the top panel to close the piece off, so I had to widen the holes in the parts it joins onto to allow the pieces to come together. Ouch.SAM_0206After completion I tests the parts for electrical soundness, and then took them back off the torso to touch up the paint job (Tamiya Weathering Master to the rescue with it’s oil stain) because all the stress on the parts had caused the paint to rub off some of the edges even though it had a nice Future Finish covering to protect it. SAM_0207 Here’s the sides joined onto the body for testing. Although the electrics are very tricky on this kit, I do like the power connectors they’re using to join the side sections onto the torso, and to join the head onto the neck. I just wish more of the wiring in the sides was modular and joined together once in place, rather than have to have this delicate wiring loom fall apart as you try to route it.SAM_0208 The blue thruster glow is great.SAM_0209 The LEDs in the thrusters really add to their appeal.SAM_0210Here the sides are finally in place with their pins mated to the holes in the neck cowl as tightly as I could manage. The right side went in well, the left was a touch tricky so I dropped some super-glue on the pin to help hold it in place. You can see the small rechargeable battery lying on the cutting mat just to the side of the kit.

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