1/144 Neo Zeong part 7

Now that the stand is ready, and I’ve got a good number of pieces complete I can really begin to assemble and see the size of this beast!DSC05766It’s big! The fuel tanks were a tight fit to push into place, but the main structure felt strong enough that it wasn’t going to break under pressure. DSC05767The rear skirt joined on quite nicely given its size. I was concerns that parts would be tricky to line up, but it went together quite smoothly.  I was happy to see the hexagon pattern lined up nicely.DSC05768This front section in blue was a touch tricky, just because the side skirts have very little movement. DSC05769

From a lower angle you can see the blue thrusters go great with the overall colour scheme.DSC05770 The rear skirt really is a very large section. But it’s very firmly attached and the side skirts pull the front of the kit and the rear skirt together further strengthening the join.DSC05772Here’s a wider view showing my rather untidy work area, but it gives you more of a sense of scale and how big this kit really is.


And for a laugh, here’s the Hoi Hoi San mini my eldest daughter built sitting where the Sinanju will go atop the Neo Zeong!DSC05775

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