1/144 Neo Zeong part 8

It’s always a nice point in a build when you have enough pieces painted to do some assembly.DSC05779The central grey section of this main “horn” piece had been under the masking tape while I completed the red paint. Now the masking is off I used some Tamiya smoke to just enhance the details a little.DSC05780These parts have some extra detail on the inside because they’re seen when you install the Sinanju. I added some Tamiya clear red on edges and raised parts. DSC05781And similarly on these parts that open up at the front to reveal the weapons. DSC05782These thrusters go on the “horns”. Inside and rim is Alclad chrome, with Alclad copper on the base. The middle is Tamiya metallic blue.DSC05783 These shoulder pieces were some of the first parts painted, and now they can go onto the assembly. I tidied up the details with some Tamiya smoke.DSC05784 The Neo Zeong is starting to stand impressive!DSC05785 These parts go inside the “horns”. The main colour is Tamiya gunmetal, but on the parts that hold the thrusters I did two rounds of masking so that the edge is Alclad chrome, and the round section is Alclad polished brass.DSC05787 The brass and copper go great with the blue and chrome on the thrusters. The small band of chrome that separates the copper from the brass works really well.DSC05788 More assembly. It’s a tight fit! The curved “arms” are done in Alclad chrome.DSC05789 And nearly complete you can see how the gimmick functions.DSC05790 Finally on the back we need to add this interesting curved piece. The plastic for it is ugly brown, so I did it Tamiya gunmetal with Tamiya clear red on top. It has a similar feel to the rest of the red, but is just enough darker to add contrast. It was also a really tight fit!DSC05791 Now we can add a horn and see how it’s all looking!DSC05792 For the front section, I’ve had to re-do a few of the pieces as they either didn’t look quite right (black wash on the white part centre here really didn’t work, so I re-did it grey with Tamiya smoke to bring out the details), or got scratched in assembly. The large central red piece will get redone, and I’m thinking on adding some more details to it as it’s rather bland.DSC05793On close up here you can see how nicely the Tamiya smoke adds just enough depth and detail. I’m really happy with how these sections look.

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