1/144 Neo Zeong part 9

The mighty Neo Zeong continues to come together….DSC05815I decided to use some sticky silver foil on the sections that go under where the arms come out, rather than the included white sticker. Here the front section is still missing as it is being re-painted. DSC05816 Front underneath you can see the silver foil, and also where I added it to the details on the side of the piece.DSC05817 The front section was dry enough to handle, so I put it into place. I used the silver foil again for detail here, but put some Tamiya clear orange on top of it so it doesn’t stand out quite so much. The repaint on this piece is pretty similar to how it was originally before it got scratched, but I did the rear of it my darker red by putting the Tamiya clear red over Tamiya gunmetal.DSC05818 The red armour sections have have their panel lines done with a white oil wash. I sealed that in with some more Future Finish. These pieces went on reasonably well. There was some fiddling to get them perfectly in place, but not too bad at all.DSC05819 And now the kit begins to look impressive!DSC05820 DSC05821 The “horns” went on very smoothly indeed. I was pleasantly surprised by this as I thought they might be painful to get on. Wow. It’s big!DSC05823 But with all the effort into painting this inner section, I had to put the front panels into their open position. That proved to be easier said than done as they’re a tight fit. I wish they’d put these parts on proper articulation.DSC05824 Now you finally start to get a sense of how big this kit really is.DSC05825 I moved it over on top of the box, which just about supported the weight. I’m really happy with the overall colour and that I went bold on the blue details.DSC05826 And from behind there’s the massive rear skirt section that offsets the relative lack of armour on the shoulders. I guess that’s where the arms go though and it won’t look so bare when they’re complete.DSC05827 DSC05828 DSC05829 Yup, these gimmicks work.DSC05830The arms are still left to do. I did manage to get the hands complete though.DSC05927The darker blue is Tamiya gunmetal with Createx clear blue over the top. I went heavy on the blue so the result is only mildly metallic. The lighter blue is Tamiya metallic blue, just like I used on some of the thrusters. On the fingers, I did the base in Alclad copper, and the rest in Tamiya gunmetal.

6 thoughts on “1/144 Neo Zeong part 9”

  1. I really like white lines on the red kits. But you’re right that on something of this size, details also need to be of the right scale too. There’s some decals I want to make and add, but I’ve not designed them yet. I’ll have to be careful there that I keep them a reasonable scale too.

  2. Superb paint job! The detailing on the inside parts and the pattern looks fantastic.Can’t wait to see it finished

  3. I’ve started on the arms, but as there’s 6 of them, and parts require masking, it’s going to be a while to complete. And then there’s the Sinanju to consider and I’m waiting on a metal parts set for it. I’ve got the feeling I’ll be doing some kits in-between completing the main NZ and actually totally completing it.

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