1/35 GunHed 2025 Special Edition part 6

I’m very happy with how the GunHed is working out, so I decided to do a display base diorama for it.DSC02023I’d recently bought some very large sheets of styrene, so I was all set to go. I did a quick mock-up in Sketchup, but rapidly ditched the plan as way too complex!
The base has a road surface that is is ramped down towards  the centre line where I places an array of rectangles to represent a drainage channel.

The back wall has a bunch of kit-bashed parts (mostly left over from Astray PG) and sprue to make pipework.DSC02024 Next up I’m making these sections to fit below the “windows” that show the kit-bashed wall.DSC02025Just a rough assembly to show the finished effect. I now have to fine tune up the pieces, finish off their sides and attach to the back wall. I’ll probably paint the kit-bashed area first before attaching the windows.

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