1/35 Nu Gundam Head part 2

One thing you really notice when starting to work with a kit is the plastic itself. This kit has that strange plastic odour when you sand it, similar to how the big Kastrysha smelled, but the plastic is certainly different from that kit. It’s harder and not as flexible. The runners and gates are very thick, but the nub marks sand off easily enough.SAM_0476There’s a fair bit of detail on the larger parts that responds well to some masking and painting. Here the bolt ends are getting done with Tamiya clear grey over Vallejo aluminium. The other details are just Vallejo aluminium, masked to be hand painted once the blue is done. The moulded blue colour is rather pale and un-interesting. If you get this kit, be prepared to paint it.SAM_0477 More bolt details here treated similarly to above.SAM_0482 Now you can see the wonderful blue I picked, Createx pearl blue. I just love how this colour goes on and looks. I don’t need to thin it to use it, but I do have to be careful to lay down a thin soft covering first before coming on for a thicker pass.SAM_0481 The red pieces are mostly solid red. Some a part of hydraulics, so they got Vallejo aluminium first, masked and then the Createx pearl red.SAM_0480After painting I did a coat of Future Finish to allow me to safely do oil paint panel line wash. SAM_0479 Here’s the hydraulic parts with the masked for red regions.SAM_0489 The yellow pieces are Createx pearl gold with a covering of Tamiya clear yellow. They come out pretty nice – not gaudy gold, and not boring yellow. The chrome is Alclad chrome over their black gloss base. It worked really well this time and I got a superb chrome effect. The eyes have Tamiya clear green on their backs, which will go with the green LEDs to be installed. The eye surround is Tamiya gunmetal with Tamiya clear grey over the top. I really like that look rather than pure black.SAM_0488 Now you can see how the finished panel washed side pieces came out. The edges have a touch of Tamiya Weathering Master on them and I’ve yet to do the hand-painted details on the masked sections.SAM_0487 Went with Tamiya gunmetal for these large sections.SAM_0486 The red pieces now have their top coat of Tamiya clear red on them. I love the deep glossy red finish. The hydraulic sections came out great, and I’ll have to get their water-slides decals on them before I think about assembly. The panel line wash on the red parts was done before the top coat of clear red, which I think helps integrate the effect better into the piece.SAM_0485I used the gold Gundam marker pen to add the details to the end of these red pieces. The head side panels are done with Tamiya gunmetal, with lots of Tamiya Weathering Master on top to create the brushed metal effect.

3 thoughts on “1/35 Nu Gundam Head part 2”

  1. You’re like a man machine GN, some really lovely intense colours on these pieces.
    Very interesting photography also. Not stayed and boring like a lot of “tutorial” style stuff is. Gives the eyes a lot to play with, and be drawn too.

  2. hi! what Gold gundam marker did you use here? is it the GM04? how to make it shine like that? im guessing top clear coat.

    Im just a starter and wants to learn more stuffs. 🙂

  3. I only used the gold Gundam marker for small hand-painted details on this kit. I find it best used by decanting a small amount onto a tray and then using a fine brush to get it onto the model. And yes, a coat of Future Finish helps with the shine!

    The other “gold” pieces on this kit are a combination of Createx gold covered with Tamiya clear yellow, and yes a coat of Future on top!

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