1/60 Patlabor Helldiver part 2

This kit is going to take a lot longer than I thought to complete. There’s not many parts, but everything has seam lines! And that means painting the internals, masking, then assembling the armour, removing the seams, masking the already painted internals, and then completing the paint job.DSC09032So first up I mixed a beige for the rubber sections. It’s mostly Tamiya yellow, some white, then a few drops of red and black added to adjust the colour to my liking. I made it quite light so that I can darken down the recesses to create dimension.DSC09033 DSC09034 And I also mixed up a green. I’m using Createx pearl green for it’s nice subtle metallic effect, and I added a few drops of black, a touch of yellow and some white to get the saturation less gaudy. Similar combinations worked well on Geara Doga and Kshatryia.DSC09035 Although I painted the “rubber” section here, I didn’t like the order I was doing the paint in, and decided to paint the metal sections first and then hand-paint in the beige.DSC09036 The arms on the kit artwork are all green. But I like the sections at either end to be metallic. Normally I’d use Tamiya gunmetal, but I decided to try the Uschi powders and Tamiya Smoke like I did for the backpack section.DSC09037 With another coat of green this part is looking done.DSC09038And of course, the tiny hands. They have holes in their palms, no doubt to grip things on other Patlabor kits, but on this the gun attaches to the arm so I filled in the rectangular hole and sculpted it to fit in with the palm. DSC09039 DSC09040 The feet are just about seam line removed. The fit between left and right was quite awful with a big step to remove. I used lots of Tamiya putty and elbow grease.DSC09041 DSC09042 Here’s with another layer of putty added ready to sand off.DSC09043While waiting for more work to dry, I used Tamiya smoke very thinned down on the rubber pieces to add dimension where it collects in the folds. There’s also some hand-painted details to do on the arm sections, but I’ll tackle them when the smoke is dry.

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