1/60 Patlabor Helldiver part 3

Due to almost every piece needing some seam-line removal, this build is going slowly….DSC09044-2I hand painted on some really thin Tamiya smoke, and then some Tamiya gunmetal for the bands. DSC09045-2 The feet were very plain, so once I had removed the seam-line on the base, I added some plasticard strips to make some tread detail.DSC09046-2 On the bands I hand painted some gold for the buckle detail.DSC09047-2 This section really needs to be painted before the chest assembly and seam-line removal, so I used the Uschi powder for the metallic sections and then began hand painting on the beige and green paints that I’d mixed up earlier.DSC09048-2 Here’s the first round of sanding on the treads. They came out pretty good!DSC09049-2And I’m very happy with how this small piece is looking. The green went great over the Uschi powder, and after it all dried, I used a thin wash with Tamiya smoke to bring out the detail on the beige, and a black oil wash on the rest just to sharpen it all up. It’s now top-coated and drying so that I can mask it when assembled into the chest.

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