1/60 PG Unicorn part 2

The last few weeks have been busy here, so little time for Unicorn. I just got back from a week visiting a trade show (NAB in Las Vegas), so I’m posting a quick photo update on the build.DSC01624 Now that winter is over, spring is bringing bright sunshine through the large windows of my craft room, making great illumination for building, but harsh shadows for photographs of the parts in progress. The feet of the Unicorn are great, with some really nice detail and good, solid construction.DSC01625 It’s such a pleasure to build a kit where the pieces have a good size and fit so well together.DSC01626I’m very happy with how the masked Alclad polished aluminium goes with the Tamiya gunmetal on the inner parts. I’m using fluorescent neon  paints for the small details – maybe they’ll glow nicely with the LED lighting!DSC01627 Adding in the rest of the blue armour pieces on the feet I’m very happy that I went with this dark blue/grey colour that I mixed up. DSC01628The transform reveals some nice details that I painted on the frame sections, masking the gunmetal and airbrushing in polished aluminium. The Tamiya gunmetal (which I’m almost always using with the Tamiya lacquer thinner) makes a great base for the Alclad metallics and dries ever so much quicker than Alclad gloss black base.  DSC01629I painted the entire stand with Tamiya gunmetal. Adding in the feet gives a sense of scale that helps me realize how big this kit is going to be!

New Book

DSC01623While I was travelling, look what arrived in the post! I’m hoping to learn some of these military modelling techniques to apply to the Kotobukia Gunhed tank kit that I recently got in the HLJ sale.

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