Black Lotus

We all thoroughly enjoyed the Accel World anime here, so I decided to have a go at building Black Lotus. I have Silver Crow on order, and will build that later.

DSC06864Because the kit I was able to get was a special edition clear plastic version, I decided to try something a little different and to use my fluorescent Createx paints that I’d picked up. I chose the purple one to replace the stickers on the kit and I also used it on some panel lines too. Above is my first test under UV light, and it worked wonderfully!
DSC06865 These pictures have a mix of UV light and room lighting. You can see the glow great.DSC06866 DSC06869 DSC06873 DSC06878 With the room lights turned off, the UV glow comes through much stronger!DSC06881 DSC06879Black Lotus is a simple, but fun kit and a quick build. The purple paint looks fine, but really shines when the UV is turned on!

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