Macross VF-1

After really enjoying watching the original Macross series with the children, I decided I wanted to build the VF-1, the star mech of the show. I remember building a VF-1 way-back-when the original model kits came out in the early 80s, but of course, they didn’t transform. The new Bandai kits do transform, but at serious cost to structural integrity. Of course, I’m sure this could have been solved with more metal parts and an increase in model size over the 1/72 it is now, albeit at increased cost to the customer. But hey, I’m the customer and I would pay that price for a kit that actually works, rather than one which is going to be stuck in this pose forever, unless it falls off the shelf again and I loose bits!TGN_1883The VF-1 in Gerwalk mode is actually a great looking kit. I’ve always liked the cross between mech and aircraft, and for me, Gerwalk mode demonstrates that beautifully. TGN_1882 The hands on this kit are perhaps the worst mech model kit hands I’ve ever had to deal with. Their mechanism for construction is poor, and their size means they just pop out and fall apart merely by looking at them. That we don’t get properly formed rigid hands for holding the gun (like on the Gundam RG kits) is a crime.TGN_1881The stickers were quite painful to deal with, especially the large ones on the tail section. They’d have been far better off doing differential colours on the plastic for this (like a Gundam RG kit). TGN_1880 TGN_1877 TGN_1875 TGN_1873This guy is going to sit on my display shelf for a while before I ever think of another Macross kit again. I so much wanted this kit to be something it was never going to be. My expectations were high, and of course, that is my fault. I thought the engineering would be better, and the transformation would actually work (even if just once or twice), but I was lucky to get it into this “stable” Gerwalk pose. I have the Strike Pack to add at some point when I’m feeling brave, and I also have the Macross Frontier Armored Messiah to build too. I do hope that kit is better than this one or I’m going to really have a hard time even thinking about a transforming mech kit ever again….

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  1. Bandai loves Gundam but they hate Macross. Nothing else can explain the complete lack of innovation in the Macross kits. You don’t make kits that bad by accident. Sadly the only good Valkyrie models are ones that stay in fighter mode.

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