MG Sazabi The Second – Completion

We left the Sazabi with the frame painted, but with only a couple of armour pieces that need to be assembled into the frame completed. These pieces also served as a test for the three shades of red I was going to use:

  • dark red = Alclad gloss black -> Createx pearl red -> Tamiya clear red
  • medium red = Alclad gloss black -> Alclad chrome -> Tamiya clear red
  • bright red = Alclad gloss black -> Alclad pale gold -> Tamiya clear red

DSC06265 The first step for all the armour pieces is Alclad black gloss undercoat, and I started with the chrome. I’d had a fair bit of practise with the chrome through doing the frame, and for the armour it all went on very well and very evenly.DSC06266 DSC06268 To get the Tamiya clear red looking good, I went for doing a light coat first. Although the clear red goes on very well, on top of the Alclad it can have some adhesion issues, and a thin coat will help the next coat stick really well.DSC06267 DSC06263 DSC06264 And once the last coat of clear red is on, it looks fantastic.DSC06258 DSC06257 On the helmet, you can see what happens when the first coat of the clear red goes on too thickly and doesn’t stick right. It sort-of pulls and tears as it dries. Fortunately another couple of light layers tidied everything up nicely.DSC06260 DSC06259Masking the vents and details on the waist section. DSC06261 DSC06262 Once the masking is off, I added in some Tamiya smoke just to add depth to the details, and it really helps.DSC06256 DSC06249 DSC06250 DSC06251 Here’s lots of pieces getting Future Finish top coat ahead of decals.DSC06248 And some of the nicest decals are going on the guns. I let them dry and then top coat them again to fix them in place. The guns will get a final flat coat right at the end of the build.DSC06252 The arm pieces have small indented details, so I decanted a small amount of paint from a silver Gundam marker and used my tiniest paint brush to drop some paint in. Once dry, I added a touch of depth with a small drop of Tamiya smoke.DSC06253 And for the panel lines, I used my white oil paint wash.DSC06254 DSC06255Starting assembly – feet first! DSC06271 Now onto some completed sections.DSC06834 DSC06835 DSC06836 DSC06837 DSC06838 DSC06839 DSC06840 DSC06841 DSC06842 DSC06844 DSC06843 DSC06845 DSC06846 DSC06847 DSC06848 DSC06850 DSC06851 DSC06854 DSC06856 DSC06855 DSC06857 DSC06858 DSC06859 DSC06860 DSC06861 And all sub-sections getting a good top coat of Future Finish for extra shine and protection before assembly.A003_C010_0925B2_001 For comparison, here’s the new Sazabi next to my original.A003_C005_0925JA_001 A003_C014_092509_001 A003_C021_092511_001 A002_C007_0925MR_001B

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  1. I think that’s because it’s not posed, and all the expanding parts are un-expanded. Once you do the transform, it does add bulk to the suit. On my original one I have the knees bent too, which reduces the height. Happy you liked the paint job. It’s interesting to see how the slight difference in paints looks in comparison.

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