RG and HG Exia

With HG Exia coming with GN Arms, I decided to figure out a more faithful to the anime colour scheme for the Trans-Am mode.TGN_9487 Although on the box, it says it’s Trans-Am Exia, the colours are the same as normal, with the stickers red instead! Now that’s a bit lame, so I experimented and mixed up a pearl pink for the white armour, and a purplish red for the blue pieces. I’m really happy with the end result.TGN_9491 Although the HG kit is not anywhere near as detailed as the RG, it still looks pretty good, although the side swords do have a habit of popping off whenever they feel like it.TGN_9492 Now onto the RG….TGN_9494Like all the RG line that I’ve built so far, it’s very very detailed with many small pieces. I think there were more super-small pieces on this kit than I’m used to, and as the frame is totally different to the earlier RG models, it was a very new and interesting build. TGN_9496 The flexible plastic strips were not as tricky as I thought they were going to be, and actually look really good in place. I like the clear green covers for the GN Condensers, and the stickers that go underneath are nice and shiny and fit nicely into place.TGN_9498 But some of the build was not straightforwards at all. The GN Drive refused to fit and I had to resort to some force to get it in.TGN_9500And the front skirt section was vastly more tricky than it should have been as unlike on other RG kits, you can’t build it separate from the torso.

The GN Blade and swords look fantastic though, and it’s light enough that he can hold it out straight without immediately toppling over.

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