RG Destiny part 2

Destiny came together pretty quickly. It’s a very nice RG kit and has some really nice touches. I like the special hands with their palm guns. I like the light blue detail on the chest section, I like the use of colour, especially how the blue extends down the arms. But most of all, it’s those wings!SAM_0471 When you get it all assembled and attach the Wings of Light, it really does turn this from a nice kit to a really special kit. SAM_0469 SAM_0472The Wings of Light don’t so much attach as sorta slot into place. They seem fairly stable though. It’s hard to see in the photos but they have a nice iridescence to them. They also hold the large weapons nicely. SAM_0474 Here I think you can really see the iridescence. When the light hits them right, they really shine!SAM_0475

SAM_0484I managed to get some more of the decals done on the backpack and wings. Its hard work, especially as the small chrome sticker details just did no want to stick around their bend. I cut out some of the RG sticker material and put it carefully over the top of the stickers to hold them in place and it seems to work and not appear unsightly.

5 thoughts on “RG Destiny part 2”

  1. GN must agree those wings do add a certain something. Now the backpack and wings are on the paint job really comes together. Probably not your intent, but your Destiny looks quite like the pics of the Extra Colour version.
    Great job.:-)

    1. Oops didn’t finish a sentence there! Ment to say it makes your Destiny look like the Extra Finish version of the Freedom. No intent of insult with this comment btw.

  2. One of the purposes of this blog is to help me by noting which paints I used should I wish to recreate the effect. I can’t see any notes on which white paint I used on the white parts of Destiny though! Looking at the completed kit on my shelf I did paint it, but I really cannot remember which paint I used.

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