1/100 Hu-Nu Gundam 2

I took this photos a while back in progress on Hi-Nu.  I really like the Createx pearl blue colour. It’s not the strongest of paints, so all pieces got healthy coats of Future Finish to protect them. I took the time to paint the figure.

Funnels painted in Alclad grey primer with masked sections of Alclad aluminium. I really like how the metal parts stand out on these sections of the funnels. Masked the feet to allow the details to be painted with Tamiya gunmetal.  Funnels completed with masked sections in Createx pearl blue.  On to assembling the chest section – details in Tamiya clear red and gold marker  Metal parts on the legs look great. The hydraulics are in Tamiya clear red.

Now the model is pretty much complete, but it’s back into the box until I can feel ready to do the water-slide decals. Because of my colour change I won’t be using the large decals provided, but I do think the smaller ones (which still fit in with my colour scheme) will look nice – I’m just not in the mood to do them as something interesting arrived in the mail…..

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