1/100 MG Gouf

The MG Gouf has been a fun build. The Vallejo chipping Medium has been reasonably successful, and it’s made for a much quicker weathering recipe than doing it all with oil paints. Once I was happy with the chipping I started work with the oil paints. Having the chips to guide the oils worked well, and the oils give a very nice texture to the rusted areas and spread nicely over to the white chipped regions. I tried using the oil paints on the airbrush to spray the darker brown paint over the feet and up the legs, and the torso as “dirt”. It worked well and gives a nice contrast to the relatively clean arms and shoulders. My first go with the chipping was on the shield, and I wasn’t quite happy with the results so I stripped the paint off (back to the rust layer) and tried again. I used the white (rather than grey) on the blue iridescent paint as I much preferred how the white chips look to the darker grey ones. I used the chipping medium with Alclad polished aluminium on the backpack.  I’m very happy how this kit has come out. Now to figure what to build next!!

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