1/100 MG Gouf

Ok, time to blog again! Following on from the chipping medium experiments, I’m going to try them on an MG Gouf.

For the frame, I’m not doing anything different than usual. I’ve used Tamiya gunmetal as the base, and Alclad polished aluminium on top, with hand painted accents of Tamiya smoke and Vallejo brass and signal red.

While the frame was drying I experimented again with the Vallejo chipping medium.

This time I tried a two-layer approach. I first put down my rust paint as before, then chipping medium, then white Createx, then chipping medium again, and finally Creates pearl blue. I wanted to try this for a couple of reasons: the blue paint looks so much better on top of white, and when paint chips you often see through to the undercoat first, before you get the rust.
 Now on with the rest of the build with Alclad grey primer. Followed by the rust layer and chipping medium.

After adding the white paint layer, I could sometimes see crackling in the paint as it dried. This is not too much of a problem giving how the weather is going to go and it seems to be how thick the paint on top of the chipping medium is, and how dry the medium is. If I just went on really lightly with the white, all was good. 

For the dark blue pieces I’m using Createx iridescent blue. It’s quite nice how it looks purple from some angles.Onto the blue paint. These pieces have a nice layer of Createx pearl blue on top. Normally I’d instantly top coat such a delicate paint but not today. I’ll have to keep them unvarnished until I do the chipping. You can see here the nice contrast between the lighter and darker blue pieces.

Now onto some chipping tests!! I decided just to start with the back of the shield as it will be mostly covered. Adding water soon lets the top layer of paint bubble up and come off easily. This is probably a bit too strong for what I want, but it looks pretty good. I got much better results on the front side where I took a slightly damp paint brush and rubbed, not letting much time for the water to soak in. Just laying the gunmetal piece on to see how it will go. I’ll use the oil paints to integrate the rust into both pieces once complete.

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